Bitchery Triad

The Bitchery Triad consists of myself and my bestest blogging buddies Christina and Cari. About once a month, the three of us get together to blog on the same hilarious topic. Together, we inflame hearts and minds of dozens. Follow us on Twitter:

Cari @bubblegumcari

Christina @cmajaski

Marjorie (ME!) @marjoriemcatee

Or check out some of our posts:

1) 5 Reasons I'm Smokin' Hot and Why You Can't Have Any

Cari at Bubble Gum On My Shoe

Christina at Solitary Momma

Marjorie (ME!) at HERE!

2) 5 Things You Shouldn't Say to Me

Cari at Bubble Gum On My Shoe

Christina at Solitary Mama

Marjorie (ME!) at HERE!

3) Bitchery Basics

Christina "Zulu Princess" Majaski

Bubblegum "Cheese Queen" Cari

Ninja Squirrel

4) 3 Reasons I'd Win a Fight

Bubblegum "The Brow" Cari

Christina "The Ninja" Majaski

Wonderboobs (that's me)

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